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Psychological Services:

Dr. Joseph Hammer is a psychologist in private practice and is on many of the insurance panels in the New York Metro Area. He can help you with life transitions such as change in employment, marital status, coping with separations, complex family problems, and confusion.

The office continues to work cooperatively with board certified psychiatrists and internists who routinely provide psychological medications as part of HMO coverage.

If you have coverage, there is a $25.00 co-payment with session limitation that is transmitted to our office by you at the initial visit. Payment with no coverage ranges from $75.00 to $125.00 per hour. Full psychological evaluations for children are also provided. The cost is $1,200.00 usually not covered by insurance carriers.

Call (212) 877-8342 to arrange a convenient appointment time with Dr. Hammer.

585 West End Avenue
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Telephone: (212) 877-8342

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