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Joseph P. Hammer, Ph.D., P.C.
Clinical Psychologist
Member, American Psychological Association
Member, The National Association of Social Workers
Graduate of Prestigious Psychoanalytic Institute, New York City
Participating Provider: Oxford, GHI, Magellan, and many others
(212) 877-8342

Do You Need Help?

Dr. Joseph HammerDr. Hammer can assist you with your anxiety and depression with the services that he offers. The signs that you may need professional help include:

  • Irritability
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Lack of energy
  • Conflicts with supervisor and friends
  • Strained work relationships
  • Loss of libido
  • Problems with your marriage or with significant others

Other symptoms include:

  • Feeling sad and/or negativistic
  • Lacking interest in yourself and others
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling as if you are traveling in a circle

Professional Services:

Short-term dynamic psychotherapy • Psychoanalytic therapy • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

 Stress management • Marital/couples counseling • Troubled adolescents • Older adults

Anger management • TV/radio • Professional supervision • Psycho-economics • PTSD

The following professional services are offered to help with the above problems.

    1. Short-term dynamic psychotherapy (STDP). This technique includes a rapid assessment of your problems with a behavioral approach for relief of your symptoms. The approach is designed to help you to define your problems and enable you to make systematic behavioral changes that will alter/change your feelings toward self and others.

    2. Psychoanalytic therapy. This technique explores the unconscious and conscious reasons for your repetitive (circular) behavior patterns. In the HBO series “The Sopranos,” tough man Tony Soprano has made visiting a shrink a weekly event. Like Tony, most of use are interested in the reasons for our behaviors that cause pain and suffering to ourselves and others.

    In the initial phase of therapy, I will help you to identify the behaviors that are troubling to you. My diligent treatment efforts will help you to identify events and current conflicts that are upsetting to you. Your reactions to others, jokes, free associations (spontaneous thought), and dreams will enable both of us to explore how your troubled past may be impacting on your everyday life activities.

    Prior to our work, you relied on childhood/immature defenses to cope with your life. Your childhood “script” imposed on you will no longer have the same adverse impact. Your behavior will change as a direct result of understanding your conflicts. You will find meaningful solutions to your needs, which enhance creativity and the ability to relate to others. Our goal is to reduce repetitive noxious behaviors that disturb you and others and encourage creativity.

    3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy. Treatment helps to restructure your thinking about painful events in your life and assist you to alter behavioral patterns that are troubling to you. The effect of changing how you think about yourself and modifying your actions will enable you to make progress with your goals.

    4. Stress management techniques. Behavioral exercises learned in two sessions will enable you to reduce anxiety. In addition, alternative approaches for the reduction of anxiety and depression will be discussed. This approach includes evaluation of traditional psychotropics (medications), natural products, and exercise. This service is primarily educational and goal directed.

    5. Marital/couple counseling. Sixty-two percent of first marriages and 75 percent of second marriages end in divorce. My service focuses on conflict resolution as well as behavioral and psychodynamic recommendations that will help you decide on a direction for your relationship. Couple counseling can ameliorate or eliminate the destructive divorce process. Understanding your present mistakes can help you avoid problems in the future.

    6. Counseling for troubled adolescents and children. Dr. Hammer worked as a staff therapist for Jewish Child Care Association for 10 years. He worked directly with troubled adolescent boys and their families.

    7. Treatment for older adults. The older adult has complex medical and psychological problems that require expertise in many areas. Medicare is accepted by this office.

    8. TV/radio. Available for TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine articles for psychological subjects. Subject matter includes divorce, relationship difficulties, coping with anxiety/depression, and many other topics. Former director of psychological speaking a weekly cable TV program that utilizes questions from the viewing audience.

    9. Anger management — Counseling consists of

    • Identifying alternate responses other than anger.
    • Teaching reflection before reacting. (The reaction may cause serious problems for friends, spouse, or authority figures.)
    • Demonstrating the benefit of having control versus losing control.

    10. Professional supervision for therapists seeking to develop private practices and who must qualify for state licensure. I will help you build your private practice while providing meaningful supervision while you log your hours for the state board.

    11. Psycho-economics at work. I can help your organization by examining internal relationships between/among staff members. The net effect will help with profits and happy faces.

    12. Treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder.

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